Terroir & Traditions

Taste the traditionnal cooking from Savoie


On the menu, some Savoyard gastronomic specialities to put a slice of tradition on your table.

Cheese to excite your taste buds
Cheese is the treasure of the Aravis and its main asset. The success of haut-savoyard cheeses can be explained by 3 factors : exceptional pastures, excellent milk cows, and a traditional cheese making process.

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Reblochon : the whole mountain within a cheese
Reblochon is the star of the cheeses of the valley. In the Middles Ages, farmers who worked in the alpine meadows had to give a part of their production to the land owner. In order not to loose too much, they were performing an incomplete milking of their cows. Once the land-owner gone, the farmer could finish the milking. This was called "reblocher", that means milking cows a second time to get a richer milk. This one was used to make the Reblochon.

If you want to taste this famouse cheese, l'Union des Producteurs de Reblochon Fermier offers the Reblochon during the welcome drink.

To go further : https://www.reblochon.fr/aop-reblochon/le-reblochon-fermier/


Tomme Blanche (white tomme)
This unmatured Reblochon can only be found in the Aravis, in the form of a fresh cheese, just hours after being made. In general, we eat the Tomme Blanche with salt and pepper, potatoes, salad and dried meats.

Tomme de Savoie
Low-fat or not, farmhouse or dairy, the Tomme de Savoie exists in a large number of flavours. It is pressed, uncooked, covered with a firm gray crust, and is endowed with a regional label.

PDO since 2002, the Chevrotin is a farm cheese made from unpasturised milk. The making technique gives a unique taste, with a supple and slightly runny inner part. It's reconizable by its cylindrical form and the rosy rind.

At Saint Jean de Sixt, the local farmers allow you to discover their cheeses. You can visit the farms, taste their products and if you like them take them home. To find out more, check out the "Farm sales" section in "Pratical Information" - "Shops & Services".

Other specialities from Savoie :

Savoury Dishes
Haut Savoyard cooking uses sometimes unusual ingredients such as cardoons (cousins of the artichoke), crozets (a form of pasta), or polenta (based on corn). There are also a collection of recipes based on shredded potatoes such as matafan (potato fritters), farcement ... accompanied by the famous diots (pure pork sausages), or local dried meats (dried ham, and sausages).

Sweet Dishes
The best known desert in the area is the Savoy Cake, but that’s far from being the only delicious sweet dish. For example the carnaval bugnes, Christmas rissoles, or the bescoins of the patrons festival ! So many opportunities to taste the local sweet dishes.


Saveurs des Aravis

The centre of Rural Excellence

It is the whole area that is working to enhance all its assets, build a united future and make the Aravis a unique destination. Initiated by the farmers, the centre is supported by the Community of Municipalities of the Thônes Valleys and combines all the other local actors as refiners, restaurateurs, traders, tourism officeshosts and other tourism suppliers, patrimony associations ... Together, men and women of this land will be glad to let you discover all the quality of life of the Aravis Mountains in their products !

On the farm, on tables or shelves, the logo Saveurs des Aravis guarantees origin and quality and invites you to celebrate the taste and tradition.
Mounted in the pastures, educational tastings, local celebration, we also propose other appointments to enjoy our lifestyle !

For more information : https://saveurs-des-aravis.fr/