Twin town Dachsberg

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Twinning commitee Saint Jean de Sixt - Dachsberg

The twinning commitee is an association which brings together elected officials and volunteers who want to participate to the animation of the partnerhip between the town of Saint Jean de Sixt and Dachsberg.

Dachsberg is a village of 1,300 inhabitants located in the Black Forest in Germany.

The twinning commitee promotes cultural, friendly and, in particular, musical exchanges. It allows to anchor the exchanges of traditions and cultures, to have a taste of specialities and local festivities. Friendships are made, bounds are forged.

Exchanges were made between the youth of both Saint Jean de Sixt and Dachsberg.

A meeting was held between the municipal councillors of Dachsberg and Saint Jean de Sixt in order to exchange.

The Saint-Jeandins will visit one of the two harmonies of Dachsberg and the Trachtenkapelle.

June 1993
The Twinning Charter between Saint Jean de Sixt and Dachsberg is signed on the feast of Saint Jean.
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October 1994
It is the Autumn festival in Dachsberg, the second part of the Twinning Charter between the two municipalities is signed. Both harmonies, both folklore groups and both choirs are present.

May 1999
A walking rally of 390km is organised from Saint Jean de Sixt to Dachsberg.

Every year, exchanges are made between the two municipalities. Sometimes in Saint Jean de Sixt and the next year in Dachsberg.

May 2009
The Rhine Race is held, it is a great walking rally.

Throughout the years, Saint Jean de Sixt and Dachsberg shared many exchange moment which were a success.
The 25 years of friendship were celebrated in both villages.
Even today, regular exchanges are made in both villages. These traditions are passed on to the next generations to maintain the friendship built up over the years.

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