Architectural Patrimony

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In Saint-Jean de Sixt, on the road to La Clusaz, there is a well preserved little hamlet : the Lombardes. Least favoured locality by the locals, because it's situated on the shady side, but rich of an exceptional architectural patrimony breaking with the wooden chalet traditional conception in the 19th century.

Two farms, remarkably worked, stand out.
They were built between 1903 and 1907, by the architect Jean-Marie Favre-Lorraine, called Guinguet. He gave one to his brother and keep the other for him.

It took this architect a lot of imagination and rigour to dare to make, draw, and build those leading edge farms, which break the necessary promiscuity myth between humans and animals in our mountains.
This was a revolutionary architectural conception which give priority to estheticism, hygiene and comfort with an innovative layout of the living spaces.
Indeed, this layout completely split the animal house from the family house by a corridor that leads to the enter hall, but leads also to an indoor toilet ... a big revolution at this time.
There are 5 rooms for each child which are the start of the vital environment notion which will appear in the 20th century.
The kitchen is next to the dining room.
To complete this masterpiece, a fully glassed veranda is placed on the bow. In winter, it functions as a greenhouse, and in the summer, it's the dining room.

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There is stair from the basement to attic that directly links up the different parts of the house and protects them to the bad weather.
It's a big development because before that, the floors of the farms were linked by outdoor galeries or scales.

Jean-Marie Favre-Lorraine's art (and his son) has been to inovate while using traditional building techniques.
To make a better ventilation for the standing crops in the barn, Jean-Marie has built large windows closed by windbreaks. On the roof, the slate replace the traditional "tavaillon".

Few constructions from Jean-Marie Favre-Lorraine :
- Pasture chalets at Col des Annes (Le Grand-Bornand), built since 1897 and used for rent.
- Lombardes Farms (Saint-Jean de Sixt), one built in 1903 for his brother Juste and the other in 1907 for his family.
- Benches, stalls and armchair in the Saint-Jean church from 1930.
- Redevelopment of a pasture chalet in Merdassier (Manigod), in 1935.
- Traditional chalet in Cuillery hamlet (Le Grand-Bornand).

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