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Jacques Thomas

Publicity drawer and model maker in publicity agencies. Decorating manager in the shops La Parisienne and Felix Potin.
Illustrator, humorous drawer, independant caricaturist since 1984.
He published in thirties reviews :
Magazines : Lui, Playboy, Penthouse

Diverse newspapers : VSD, 60 millions consumers ...
He also published humorous illustrations for many school books.

He won the Public Prize in the 23rd International Caricature and Humour Newspaper Drawing Festival of Saint-Just-le-Martel in October 2004.

Co-founder of the Festival of Saint Jean de Sixt with Jean Brichet and Fred Dexpert.
Creator of the 2003, 2009, and 2013 posters.


Michel Pichon

1st draw published in L'Echo de La Mode in 1966.
Then he worked for Harakiri, Plexus, Lui, Le Miroir du fantastique, PlayBoy, Penthouse, Absolu Zéro, BD l’Echo des Savanes (the old one), Le Psikopat, L’Humanité, Le Miroir du cyclisme, L’Idiot international.
Now in Fluide Glacial (for 36 years) and theTélégramme de St Brieuc.
Around fifteen albums, ten illustrated books.
Few funny awards : The Bonnet d'Âne of St-Malo, the golden Cougourde, Graphism award of Lussac twice, the Printer award in Louviers and the Pineau award in Jonzac.

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Sébastien Dieu
He started with comics publications in various magazines and newspapers, SEMIC editions in small formats, Zembla, Blake le Roc, KIWI, publications in Rock N’Folk and in few monthly motors magazines.
He published many books of comics and newspaper drawing, l’Almanach of the newspaper drawing from 2009 to 2014 in Pat à Pan editions, 5 comics albums in Mâles à Bar editions.
He works for Disney with ice sculptures, ice hotel of Quebec and Finland in the ski resorts of Valloire, l'Alpe d'Huez, Avoriaz, La Plagne ...
Since 2016, he makes an informative cartoon movie in stopmotion, an under-exploited sector in France because of its complexity.
Creator of the 2012 poster.

Pierrot Michelet

Drawer from Bourgogne, he tests every type of pictural fantasies for more than 30 years. Comics, caricature, newspaper drawing, cartoon movie, , film d’animation, painting, publicity graphism ...
What more can we say except he's a multi-task artist ?

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Steve Bell
He's a british journalist, main caricaturiste of the daily newspaper The Guardian for 30 years, this one being one of the most famous british daily newspaper.
Many times awarded in his country, he's also doctor Honoris Causa of different british universities.
He was the special guest of the Auckland University in New-Zealand in February 2017.
Many retrospectives of his work have already been organized since 1996, and his draws have been exposed in the entire world.
At this time, 2 exhibitions of Steve Bell's works have been organized in France : in Rouen in 2017 and 2018, and in the Aravis in 2019.

Patrick Grillot
Patrick Grillot travelled the world with his pencil, always accurate, with a sharpened eye, not in the easier countries :  Myanmar, Koweït, Cambodia, Vietnam.
From his magic bag, Patrick still produce caricatures, he continues to draw his past memories.
In his works, some famous heads : Dalaï-lama, Rebsamen, Patriat, Sauvadet, De Broissia, DSK, Besson …
Always spicy, always respectful. Mainly a free mind.

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He worked as an architect in Pau between 1982 and 2014, he started the caricature in 1995 by drawing his friends and enjoyed it.
From 1997 to 1999, the daily newspapers Sud-Ouest, République des Pyrénées and l’Eclair des Pyrénées published his rugby players caricatures of the Section Paloise (Rugby team of Pau). These draws are grouped in a book : La Section en Têtes.
Since 1997, he participates in many caricature festivals in France and overseas.
In 2015, he published Gueules de Croqueurs, a book that regroup caricatures and draws from 150 different newspaper drawers.

He frequently publish in : La Tribune de l’Assurance, l’orne-hebdo.fr, La Chaine Normande, France3, Normandie Magazine, Zélium, Même pas peur.
Frequent appearances in private events with live drawing.
Moste of the time, he's present in the newspaper drawing festivals in France and Belgium.

Tignous FIDEP award in L’Estaque 2015
Public award 2016 ex-aequo in Mulsanne (72)
Creator of the 2019 poster.
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He published his draws in various newspapers : Le Monde, Femme Actuelle, Le journal de Mickey, PlayBoy ...
Postcards, gadgets, posters, illustrations, games and comics for various specialized magazines. School and historic books (Hatier, Atlas …), or for companies (Esso, Evian, Chronopost …).
"Double caped", he was also editor in chief of the temple of french humour, l’Almanach Vermot, during 10 years .
Moreover, he was editor and ludographer for the group Disney-Hachette Presse.
Vache Allais award in 1990.
Humour Tendre award in 2008 in Saint Just le Martel.


Since 2000, the newspaper Le Journal de Saône et Loire propose him to illustrate the local news with 6 humorous draws which are published every friday La Semaine illustrée par Roth (The Week illustrated by Roth).
In May 2005, Roth invent, with his pencil, a little charolaise cow who comment the news every week with humour and relevance in this newspaper, with the name "Pas Folle la Vache".
Champagne Moutardier Award in Saint Just le Martel in 2012.
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He's an "apple cruncher", with straight line and never nasty, Eno travels around the world to capture the characteristics lines of his victims (sometimes nature has already done the work) to focus on the unique character we are.
Creator of the 2016 poster.


After studies to the Graphics Arts School, he published his first draws in Le Miroir du Fantastique, ans then in the newspapers Pilote, Rock & Folk, Noir & Blanc, Télé-Journal and still today in Télé Z.
He draws in various articles for the youth : Les aventures de Casimir, L’île aux enfants and various company's newspapers.
Porcelain Pencil Award in 2016 for the album Gibo fait la tête, received in the 35th edition of the Humour Show of Saint Just le Martel.
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Georges Million
Works for : Le Dauphiné Savoie (30 years)
                   Mieux Gérer (Les Echos)
                   Carrefours d’Alsace (magazine)
                   La Semaine de l’Allier
                   Le Journal de l’Animation (magazine)
                   Lignes de Crêtes (education magazine)
                   Savoie Consomm’ (ufc que choisir)
                   Mairie des Pays de Savoie
                   (elected members magazine)
                   Cartooning for Peace (Plantu)

Pierre Amoudry
Illustrator native of Le Grand Bornand, Pierre Amoudry (aka Pierrot for friends) travels with his little book in the hand for more than 10 years (South Africa; Argentina, Spain, Cuba, Japan and recently Brazil).
Between Spain and France, he scribble on every supports from the moment that there is challenge and intensity.
Since 2008, he's the co-founder and artistic director of the collective murals of the collaborative groupe Melting Paint.
In addition to his many projects, caricature stay a regular exercice. Always with his "faces book" on him, he can "amoudrised" you at every time !
Creator of the 2005 poster.

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Joëlle Bernard
She's born in Moûtiers, in Savoie, and live today in Les Houches, in the Chamonix Valley.
Portrait painter for 30 years, she loves to find what make unique her model, and transcribe it in her art. She's also a huge experimenter : after had try many techniques like pastel, acrylic, oil and watercolour, with different styles like abstract, digital kind caricature (she draws on a digital tablet) is the last one of her adventures. Her modernity delight her models and she loves it !

Conceived like many others during an electricity cut in May 68, it's 9 months later, in March of the erotic year that I extricated myself from the world. It's during a time (twice in fact) with the magazine Fluide Glacial where I upgraded my sense of narration and humour efficiency.
A little bit masochist, I've always been passionate by news and I spend most of my time make them suffered with my nasty draws that I try to sell to anyone.
Except that, I am also caricaturist (I animate your weedings, baptisms, circumcisions, or company parties), live drawer and publish with my friends of the group Les Mâles à Bar (in particular Djony and Dieu) some dark humour and themes albums.