A lot of existing roads are registered at PDIPR*.

In Saint Jean de Sixt, the start of the hiking roads are from the center village, the Forgeassoud hamlet or the Danay sector (summit 1731 m in altitude).
* Departemental Plan for Walking and Hiking Itineraries.

Hiking Documents :

The Map-Guide Tournette-Bornes-Aravis at 1/30 000th scale, is on sale to the Tourism Office at 5€.
It collect all the marked hikes and walks on the sectors of Thônes Valley, Bornes Massif, and the Aravis Mountain Range, for a total of 13 towns and more than 100 different itineraries.
From half day-long walk to few days-long hike, from the easiest to the hardest level, all mountain lovers will find what they needed.
Circuits are detailed town by town in the guide, which contains the itinerary, the starting place, the duration, the height difference and the difficulty.

The Family Walks book collects 37 itineraries of easy level in all the Tournette-Bornes-Aravis territory.
The walks aren't longer than 3h and 400 m of height difference.
On sale at the Tourism Office at 3€.

The Sportive and Must-see Hikes book collects 23 more difficult hikes, also at 3€.

Moutain Guides :

Accompagnied hikes with high-moutain guides are possible from the Compagnie des Guide des Aravis.

La Clusaz Office : 04 50 63 35 99
Grand-Bornand Office : 04 50 02 78 18
Thônes/Manigod Office : 04 50 02 01 33

-Virginie Villaret, moutain guide
Tel : +33 6 15 93 21 16

-Maxime Viguier, moutain guide
Tel : +33 6 13 29 61 20

-Franck Chappaz,
moutain guide
Tel : +33 6 60 78 46 18

-Alexandre Thomas, mountain guide
Tel : +33 6 99 57 19 58

-Mountain Guide Adventure, moutain guide
Tél : +33 6 71 62 23 38

Some recommandations:

Security :
  • The maintenance and marking are made by CCVT (Thônes Valleys Community of Communes). However if you see something wrong, please tell us.
  • The paths could be temporarly closed to allows different works (logging ...). Please contact the Tourism Office.
  • The walking times are approximate for a medium level walker.
Respect the Nature :
  • Wild and domestic animals like the tranquility, alpagists and  walkers too. Be discreet to not scared the herds.
  • Please keep your dog in leash et close the fences after your cro
  • Someflowers are protected. Please verify before picking it.
  • Please take back your wastes with you.
Before to go :
  • Take a look to the weather forecasts. Weather could change really fast in the mountain.
  • If you go alone, tell someone of your itinerary and take your mobile phone.
  • Plan an appropriate equipment for hiking : walking shoes and clothes, drink, food, sun cream, cap, and sunglasses.
Useful phone numbers :

Saint Jean de Sixt Tourism Office :
Météo France (Chamonix centre) :
Rescue team : 112 (Europe)
Firefighters : 18
Police : 17