Thônes Coeur des Vallées

Full of typical mountain villages, Thônes Coeur des Vallées is an area of terroir and history.
At the foot of the Tournette, the Sulens, the Mont Charvin and the Parmelan, villages of Thônes Coeur des Vallées stand out by their traditionnal habitat and offer an exceptionnal amount of hikes to relax and enjoy activities in the nature.

8 towns and villages between Lake Annecy and mountains :
Thônes - Alex - Dingy Saint-Clair - La Balme de Thuy - Les Clefs - Serraval - Le Bouchet Mont-Charvin - Les Villards sur Thônes.

Thônes :

Located at the crossroads of the Fier and the Nom Valleys, the town of Thônes is set in a nature jewel's and enjoys a privileged geographical location. The heritage of the Thônes Valleys is both rich and diversified.
This place is full of ideas and activities for all public (Via Ferrata, bycicle, museum visite ...).
Incredible nature playground, the Coeur des Vallées offers you variety of hikes.

Do you know where is located the capital city of the farmer Reblochon in Haute-Savoie ?

All cheese lovers will answer for sure : Thônes !
Enter into a farm to discover the know-how of farmers and their local traditions. Reblochon, Tomme and Chevrotin,, Thônes know how to satisfy the taste buds of the finest gourmets.

Le Bouchet Mont-Charvin

The jewel in the crown

Story : Creation of the commune in 1877 after the separation with Serraval.
Hiking idea : Lake Charvin & Mont Charvin
Population : 249 inhabitants
Inhabitants name : The Bochards & Bochardes
Not to miss : Discovery of the Reblochon making at GAEC le Vent des Cimes.


Les Clefs

The gathering of Val Sulens

Story : High defensive area in the Middle Ages set up in a rocky promontory which takes you back a time when lords ruled on a wide countryside. Les Clefs means "trellis used as a fence".
Hiking idea : Hike to the Sulens by the Col de Plan Bois.
Population : 675 inhabitants
Inhabitants name : The Clertins & Clertines
Not to miss : The Roman Bridge


Between the edifying Tournette and the Sulens

Story : A mountain side area caracterized by a lot of orchards.
Hiking idea : The Tournette by Praz D'zeures
Population : 710 inhabitants
Inhabitants name : Serravatins & Serravatines
Not to miss : La Maison de la Pomme et du Biscantin (Apple and Biscantin House)


Nestled at the bottom of the Dents de Lanfon and the Dent du Cruet

Story : Alex took its name from "Alaia" which means water. Legend says that the area where the lower part of the village was built was, a very long time ago, a glacial lake with a sulfurous water source in the depths.
Hiking idea : The Chalet de l’Aulp Riant (on the road to the Dents de Lanfon)
Population : 1102 inhabitants
Inhabitants name : The Alexois & Alexoises
Not to miss : The banks of the Fier


Dingy Saint-Clair

The idyllic one between lake & mountains

Story : Etymological sense from « Saint Clair », dedicated to the Saints Clair & Bernard.
Hiking idea : The head of Parmelan
Population : 1441 inhabitants
Inhabitants name : Dingiens & Dingiennes
Not to miss : Saint Clair Chapel


La Balme de Thuy 

The pure tranquility

Story : Etymological sense from « rocky shelter ».
Hiking idea : The Notre Dame des Neiges Chapel from the Rosière.
Population : 455 inhabitants
Inhabitants name : The Balmins & Balmaines
Not to miss : The prehistoric site and the Waterfalls path (Chemin des Cascades).

Les Villards sur Thônes

Zen attitude at 360° on the heights

Story : The Villards-sur-Thônes parish was created in 1695 with Saint Laurent, this was the result of the reunification of few hamlets of the Thônes parish. In savoyard language, "villard" means a village, a hamlet.
Hiking idea : The Mont Lachat
Population : 1071 inhabitants
Inhabitants name : The Villardins & Villardines
Not to miss : The Villards organ