Trail n°16 Suet/La Mare/Traversiers

Loop : 14.7 km / difference in altitude : + 1100 m / Difference in altitude : - 1100 m


A steep and technical first part on a KV base.
Start at Forgeassoud Dessous (or at the Tourist Office in Saint-Jean-de-Sixt). Shortly after the start, a steep KV climb to the Cabane du Suet, then a gradual descent to Entre Deux Nants. From there, a passage on the road to switch to the other side of the valley to the Chapelle des Champs Courbes. in the Traversiers wood, flat route to the hamlet of Les Lombardes, then down to the course of the Nom and back up to the villahe to finish on a final stretch of road to reach the start at Le Crêt.


A responsible and respectful practice.
The trail is a demanding sport, remember to be well equiped and to inform yourself beforehand about the weather conditions and the difficulties of the cours. Do not forget to take something to eat.
On the ground, there are rules : do not throw anything away, follow the pathways so as not to damage the environment, respect private property and other users, do not damage fences and remember to close the entrances to the herds. When confronted with a guad dog, adopt a calm and passive behaviour, stop running and above all do not threaten it with a stick : it will eventually leave after having gauged you.


The marking is made up of TRAIL reminder plates and the hiking marking charted by the Conseil Départemental de la Haute-Savoe. You will not systematically have TRAIL signs at each marked crossroads, but there arer some on all directionam posts. The rest of the time, you will find green and yellow markers alone or with TRAIL on posts or on natural supports.

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